K Van Petten

K VAN PETTEN is a musician and poet floating between Seattle and Bainbridge Island. 


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K Van Petten (they/them) is a musician, writer, and marketer with a passion for supporting Seattle’s music, writing, coffee, and greater creative community.

Born and raised in Illinois, K composed 2 full length musicals before graduating high school that raised thousands of dollars for a local cancer resource center. K then honed in their songwriting craft as the musician in residence at a harbor bar in Chicago performing daily while living on a sailboat. They moved to Seattle in 2016 with their band after receiving their BA in Playwriting and Marketing from Illinois Wesleyan University while leading marketing for their local radio station WESN 88.1FM. In Seattle, they served as the first marketing employee for world-famous viral video company Cut.com, Director of Marketing for Caffe Vita Coffee Roasters helping to open the cafe at the KEXP Gathering Space, and they now support marketing for Sonic Guild Seattle, as well as Freakout Records and Poetry Northwest, all while writing for the world’s largest coffee publication, Barista Magazine.

K’s most recent creative work 'For Someone’ is a cassette tape of music and poetry aiming to bridge the worlds between spoken word poetry and music. The tape was made of sampled sounds and feelings in residence at Centrum at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, released by Hello America Stereo Cassette, and then adapted into a film showcased at Northwest Film Forum and selected for SIFF's NW Folklife Forum in 2023.

When K isn’t supporting Seattle’s creative community, they enjoy crabbing, clamming, oyster harvesting, mushroom foraging, and cooking through the bounty with their partner Gray. Learn more or connect with K on instagram.com/kvanpetten


K Van Petten is a musician and poet floating between Seattle and Bainbridge Island. They got their start as musician in residence at a harbor bar in Chicago while living on a sailboat, and relocated to the Pacific Northwest a decade ago with their band. K's most recent work combines their love for music and poetry into a cassette tape of ambient music and spoken poetry called 'For Someone' made in residence with Centrum in Port Townsend and released on Hello America Stereo Cassette. They are currently seeding a new project 'False Hemlock'. Learn more at instagram.com/kvanpetten or katevanpetten.com.